Press Release on the State of Insecurity in Nigeria to mark Comrade David O. Vine’s birthday

Saving Nigeria from the Jugular of Death

….The portraits of a rising star and activist

Today, February 9, 2021, as we mark the birthday of an indefatigable Comrade and President-General of the International Human Rights and Dignity Defenders’ Forum (IHRDDF), it is gloriously auspicious to draw attention to the delerious and despicable human rights situation of the Nigeria vis-a-vis the commitment of IHRDDF, a non-profit organization, ably led by Comrade David Vine Omeike, to make all the difference.

The State of our Nation

Muhammad Buhari, GCFR, a retired general and former Head of State, also a self-confessed born again Democrat, based on his past records as a no-nonsense ruler and integrity, rode on a popular support to become Nigerian President, June 29, 2015.

He had promised to fix the economy, fight corruption and rid the nation of the menace of the boko-haram insurgency.

Whatever may have gone wrong, however, in Mr. President’s style of administration, much results have not been seen in the area of actualising his promises to the nation.

The President and his handlers have succeeded in upholding the constitution he had sworn to uphold, mainly in the breach, as the constitutional provisions for a balanced federal character in federal government appointments were jettisoned. And as if that breach is not enough, the President has demonstrated an amazing lack of capacity to checkmate miscreants, bandits, murderous and criminally minded herdsmen.

The President through his spokespersons have actually spoken in defense of his kinsmen, who are re-enacting the slave-trade era through their senseless kidnappings for heavy ransom cum heartless and gruesome murders, in the process.

The forests of the South-Western and South-Eastern States have become places of death, absolute lawlessness, anarchy, theatre of war and den of the modern day fulani-slave-traders operators.

Life has become grossly insignificant, traumatic and un-dignifying as our emboldened Fulani captors are having a free reign of terror; dehumanising citizens while the Nigerian security apparatus seems to be either helpless, complacent or abbetting by looking the other way, most likely to suit the whims and caprices of the President and his handlers.

The latest developments have inexorably led to the stage of self-help and self-defense, as the most natural corollary, with the likes of Chief Sunday Adeyemi Ighoho and Massob emerging to the rescue – a development that virtually leaves Nigeria at the verge of War.

This is quite precarious and gives us a lot of human rights and human dignity deficit concerns as an oganization.

The Organisation – IHRDDF

The VISION of IHRDDF is “helping to build a society where the rights to life, dignity and property/properties, among others, of both the affluent and indigent masses will be valued, upheld and free from unlawful violations in the society while our MISSION is “to curtail and eliminate the high rate of unlawful violations of rights to life and properties, et cetera, of the poor masses through the fight against every human right abuse brought to our attention in the society.

We will, in the light of the above, like to see the government of President Muhammad Buhari in conjunction and collaboration with the Governors, who are the Chief Security Officers of their respective states, swing to action by muscling the will to govern our forests by ensuring that criminal activities of kidnappers and bandits are brought to a complete halt.

The rights to life and dignity of Nigerians must be seen as sacred and preserved henceforth.

We intend to pilot programs that will bring succour to the indigenous displaced people in the North East and a counterpart program of ensuring good nutrition and welfare of indigenous children in the South.

IHRDDF has had opportunities to successfully intervene in a number of human rights abuse cases while distributing palliatives to indigent citizens, last year, during the lockdown

The Man – Comrade David Vine Omeike

In all of these, the leadership roles of Comrade David Vine Omeike comes into play.

Comrade Omeike who was born in Ishan, Edo State, obtained a Bsc. degree In Accounting and Finance from the prestigious Edo State University, Ekpoma, now Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma.

He has also obtained a series of certificates in professional courses, including that of the South African College of Auctioneering (SCA).

He has over twenty- five years of experience in Corporate Finance and Portfolio Management.

Omeike is a National Executive member of the Nigeria Association of Auctioneers ( NAA) where he is presently the Chairman, Task Force, of the South–Western States of the Nigerian Association of Aunctioneers (NAA)

He has been conferred with series of awards of honour in recognition of his contributions to humanity.

All of us at IHRDDF wish to use this medium to Congratulate our able President-General as we pray that God continues to grant him good health, fulfilment, long life and prosperity in Jesus’ Name.

IHRDDF could be reached through our website at:; fb page at www.facebook/international human rights & dignity Defenders’ Forum; @ihrddf on Twitter or ±234 906 977 3110, +234 806 287 5002 (calls, sms & WhatsApp).

From the desk of the National Secretariat & Directorate of Publicity, IHRDDF

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