Based on the core belief and Convictions that all men/women are born equal and should be accorded such respect, considerations and protections that are in strict compliance with the minimum international standards for human dignity, we are committed to the following Action Plans:

1. Advocacy for the protection of Human Rights of every citizen in compliance with International Protocols, cutting across gender, age, ethnicity, color, religion, economic and social status.

2. Raising an army of Volunteers who are to be trained as foot soldiers in the enforcement of human rights

3. To ensure that governments, institutions and individuals are in strict compliance with citizens’ rights

4. To create awareness through constant sensitization programmes for the entire citizenry on their God-given, natural, inalienable and fundamental rights and how to get help in getting them enforced.

5. To synergize with relevant governmental and non-governmental organizations on the enforcement of citizens’ rights and dignity

6. To ensure that the rights of vulnerable groups in the society which include, children, youths, women and the aged are protected in line with international protocols.

7. To galvanize human, non-human and financial resources to prosecute the above stated through voluntary assistance from government, local and international public spirited individuals and organizations.